Hi! My name is Nick and I live on the Olympic Peninsula in the Great Pacific Northwest. I purchased my first 35mm back in the early 80’s. The camera was branded Sears and had a K-mount (Pentax, Ricoh). I shot film for a while but soon lost interest due to my time in the Navy and specifically 20 years in the submarine force. I kept the camera in a closet for 25 years and eventually researched the old camera and lenses and found that Pentax still accepted the old K-mount type lens.

I’ve been shooting seriously for a few years and have loved every minute. I used to go from point A to point B without really paying attention to my surroundings. Now I look at details…light, color, shapes, lines, shadows, up, down! There’s a whole world I was missing and photography has helped me find it.

Now I just need to hone my skills and hopefully share some great images with family, friends and fellow photographers.

Confidence is key: AFECS…Aspire, Find, Envision, Capture, Share