The Palouse

IMGP3759These are images from a photo fieldtrip to The Palouse located in Northwestern United States, Southeastern Washington. This area was voted as one of the top 10 scenic places in the US. The first couple pictures are captured during a sunrise from Steptoe Butte, we got lucky and received a sliver of sun. I can only imagine on a clear day, fields of colors and shadows both at sunset and sunrise.
‘Silt’ fields make this a very fertile area, miles and miles of farm land.


IMGP3182This is a canyon at Palouse Falls

IMGP3251Palouse Falls, approx 198′ (60.35m). Captured the rainbow with the help of the sun. You can get an idea how big the falls are by the people to the left of the falls.

IMGP3929Canola fields for as far as you can see. The aroma maybe the best I’ve ever experienced, not over powering but very pleasant. I wish I could bottle it!

IMGP3857Beautiful farms at every turn.

IMGP3943Old abandoned house screaming for me to take its picture.