Mushroom Day

If you can identify any of these mushrooms…great, please leave a reply. All mushrooms shot in Western Washington state. Thanks _IGP3525Twist and shine. 100/2.8 macro @ f/8, 2 sec, ISO-200, Center weighted meter

_IGP3551Slime family. 100/2.8 macro @ f/8, 6 sec, ISO-200, pattern meter

_IGP3557This guy looks deadly. 100/2.8 macro @ f/11, 10 sec, ISO-100, spot meter

_IGP3586This guy is small, hard to find. 50/2.8 macro @ f/11, 6sec, ISO-100, spot meter

_IGP3599Weird shaped hood, notice the bug on the right rim. 50/2.8 macro @ f/7.1, 1 sec, ISO-100, spot meter

_IGP3618nice colors

_IGP3646Looks like monsters trying to get out. 50/2.8 macro @ f/9, 1/3 sec, ISO-100, Pattern meter