Poulsbo, WA

This is a little marina town west of Seattle that survives mainly on tourism. Its also known as Little Norway, many festivals including the annual Vikings Fest. The town has many shops and restaurants.
20130406-_IGP4170A little sun for the day.

20130406-_IGP4300A walking fish

20130406-_IGP4315Viking Statue

20130406-_IGP4176Wall Mural, Viking ship

20130406-_IGP4189 Children’s Marine Museum

20130406-_IGP4205Lead-in to Mexican Restaurant

20130406-_IGP4216The King of Pretzels?

20130406-_IGP4222Salmon made of metal

20130406-_IGP4231UK telephone booth in Little Norway


20130406-_IGP4243Deep ocean fish made of metal