Macro Morning

Went out this morning to the Master Gardener’s Children’s Park and got a few of these shots. One of our Professional’s in our local photo club gave an excellent lecture on Macro Photography, I had to go and try some of his tips and recommendations. Not near his quality, but practice makes perfect.
20130427-_IGP8544Placed a black background to enhance the colors. Still a little dark but not too bad. This is an Umbrella Plant.

20130427-_IGP8753Nice color in the middle…very alluring.

20130427-_IGP8575A little out of focus but it looks like a painting.


20130427-_IGP8735I really like this one, I’m sure this will gross a few people out.

20130427-_IGP8662I think this looks like a candle with a wick and purple flames. Also, a glow from the base.