Critters III

More incredible wildlife here in GA, most taken by a swamp area including the Okefenokee Possibly a Cardinal Meadowhawk Sea Turtle up for a breath of air Red Fox near a graveyard Hornet… Continue reading

Okefenokee Swamp

Spent the 4th of July on the Swamp. Incredible scenery and much to see. Cloudy day, not so hot and great for photography. Baby gator headed right for me. Time foe a siesta.… Continue reading

Flowers GA/FL

Here are some local flowers from both Georgia and Florida. Also, a few visitors posing for the shot. Again, such a beautiful area. This giant flower is found in a pond behind some… Continue reading

GA Critters II

These are all taken in or near a swamp. Caught this guy heading for his hole at full speed. This is a North American Banana Spider. This one is about 5″ in length… Continue reading

Georgia Critters

Captured these lizard and bug images the last couple days. Its really a nice change of pace from the Pacific Northwest. Its a beautiful part of the country. This 5 footer was swimming… Continue reading

Georgia on my Mind

Business trip to Southeastern Georgia and got a chance to take a few shots. This is a great part of the country to catch some amazing shots.

Drive-Around/Walkabout III

Here are a few images that I captured the last couple days. Shots were taken on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas. This is the Hood Canal Bridge that links the Kitsap Peninsula and… Continue reading

Kustom Kulture Festival Part II

Wanted to post a few more images. Most of these images are mostly Sepia. I wanted to relay some of the different characters at the festival and what a good time was had… Continue reading

Kustom Kulture Festival

This is an annual festival held in Kitsap County just outside Seattle. This was a a lot of fun to walk around and shoot. There were many tattoo’s, pin-up girls competing in a… Continue reading


Another try with B/W. Shot with a Zeiss Planar 50/1.4 with a red filter attached except where noted. Yellow filter attached Lots of handrails with few stairs. Serpia tone added. Slowly being absorbed… Continue reading