Found this old wreck on a walk-about. Terrible shape but would love to know the history, probably a fine boat back in the day. Front end Everything’s slowly disintegrating.

Snow Days

Caught this before the clouds came over A ray of sun Snow Monsters Icicles with a touch of color


Swiss Chard A nice smile or maybe it’s her eyes Out of Sync, girl on right half a step back Western Tanager Taste test Pacific Dogwood Romantic Nestled nicely

Ant’s communicating

Captured this helpless ant located at the top of the stick. He was either stuck or injured. The larger Ant in the middle was using his antennae to communicate to the other ants.… Continue reading


This is from a walkabout in a local park. Its nice to get out and explore your surroundings. This is a simple picture but I love the out of focus (bokeh) branch’s that… Continue reading

Spring is in the Air

Please hurry Love is in the air Sunsets are later New bud’s New growth

Water Droplet’s

Got this shot while testing my wide angle zoom (16-45) and got as close as I could. Spiderweb with droplets, 50/2.8 macro lens I thought the reflection in the droplet looked neat with… Continue reading

Monuments & Memorials

Most of these shots were at sunrise, notice the lack of people. This is the Lincoln Memorial from one of its corner, nice sky. Sunrise of the Washington Memorial and Capital Building. Vietnam… Continue reading

Camping in Montana

Stars at the camp site, similar to an earlier post except this is only a 4.7 minute exposure. Lone man fishing in his secret fishing hole. Crystal clear water from the snow packed… Continue reading

Olympic Mountains in the morning

Sunrise on the Brother’s. I turned around looking for another lens and almost missed this shot. This happens within seconds. A little later on the Brother’s A wide angle shot of the Eastern… Continue reading