Abstract Carnival Rides

Thought shutter was shut, captured 3 or 4 rides. Pentax K-5, 100/2.8 @f/14, 30sec exp

Montana Star Swirl

Pentax K-5, 15/4 @ f/4, ISO 100, exposure 27min. Notice single star not swirling between trees on left about 2/3 of the way down. Satellite maybe? Tree’s lit by campfire.

Tacoma Train


Small waterfall, Olympic National Forest, Pentax K-5, 43/1.9@f18, ISO 100, 10sec exp

Jefferson Memorial

Dream Bee

Pentax K-5, DA*300/4, 1/1600, f/4



The tired eagle was trying to rest while two feisty crows tried to shoo him away from their area. The crow’s non-stop dive bombing/fly-by’s ultimately chased the tired eagle off; he flew the coop… Continue reading