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Stink Bugs

Found a few common stink bugs out on a mild winter day.

The Great Dismal Swamp, VA


This is our resident Anna’s Hummingbird, a beautiful but very aggressive and not a bit afraid of me. I was checking out a new but old Takumar 100/4 macro lens. I also caught… Continue reading

Macro Morning

Went out this morning to the Master Gardener’s Children’s Park and got a few of these shots. One of our Professional’s in our local photo club gave an excellent lecture on Macro Photography,… Continue reading

Macro Shots with New (old school) Lens

Got a an old macro lens (50/4) circa.1964, once I got her cleaned up…boy was I surprised at the sharpness and color. Morning sun with dew Snail eggs found in a crevice on… Continue reading