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Palouse, Eastern Washington

The beautiful Palouse area in Eastern WA.

Winter Scenery

A few winter scenery shots from Montana.

Mountain Creek

A quick trip to the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Road Trip Oregon

Columbia River

Columbia River Water Basin near Vantage, WA

Cold Stream

Found this cold stream off the beaten path on the Olympic Peninsula at the base of the Olympic Mountains.

Elwah Trail

Took a hike on the Elwah Trail in the Olympic National Forest.

Palouse and Palouse Falls

Palouse Washington

Camping in Montana

Stars at the camp site, similar to an earlier post except this is only a 4.7 minute exposure. Lone man fishing in his secret fishing hole. Crystal clear water from the snow packed… Continue reading

Serene Sunset

This was a spectacular sunset and I caught the very end. Stagnate air allowed pastel colors to affect sunset. SMC-Tak 50/1.4 @ f/11, 1/4sec, ISO-100, +2comp Large Russian fires affected sunset in Washington… Continue reading