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Flowers and Bugs

Stink Bugs

Found a few common stink bugs out on a mild winter day.

Garden Creatures

Captured these strange creatures face to face.

Autumn Bugs

Found these at a local garden.

The Garden Variety

Captured a few friends that keep the garden healthy.

Okefenokee Swamp

Spent the 4th of July on the Swamp. Incredible scenery and much to see. Cloudy day, not so hot and great for photography. Baby gator headed right for me. Time foe a siesta.… Continue reading

GA Critters II

These are all taken in or near a swamp. Caught this guy heading for his hole at full speed. This is a North American Banana Spider. This one is about 5″ in length… Continue reading

Georgia Critters

Captured these lizard and bug images the last couple days. Its really a nice change of pace from the Pacific Northwest. Its a beautiful part of the country. This 5 footer was swimming… Continue reading

Macro Shots with New (old school) Lens

Got a an old macro lens (50/4) circa.1964, once I got her cleaned up…boy was I surprised at the sharpness and color. Morning sun with dew Snail eggs found in a crevice on… Continue reading

Creepy Crawlers

This guy only has 7 legs, looks like he got into a fight This was more for the shadow, classic spider